At the Foot of the Vanishing Table

Concept and Choreography: Tamar Lamm and David Kern
Music: Anton Bruckner - Symphony #6

A man with no ambition finds himself confronting an old woman late at night. He soon realizes that this encounter will change his life forever...

At the same time, a woman with powers she doesn't yet realize, is abducted while taking out the trash...

A witch in the forest channels the spirit of a conductor, known for his slow tempi...

Two performers in a variety show are trying to run away from their own memories...

...All this and more is performed to a beautiful adagio by Anton Bruckner.

"At the Foot of the Vanishing Table" was first performed in Karmiel as part of the Curtain Up Festival, November 2018. This creation was supported by Yasmeen Godder Studio as part of a residency program.

Review from Jerusalem Post:

“At the Foot of the Vanishing Table” by Tamar Lamm and David Kern is yet another singular creation by this couple. They managed to concoct a mixture of dance drama based on a campy, unfounded tale involving a crazy cat-lover lady who is a witch. They take turns in holding the mike and reciting the unfolding plot as their partner runs and skips in the background. There is also a tent, guitar, a cat song and – spoiler alert – some magic smoke.

Lamm and Kern’s partnership started a couple of years ago after both previously managed independent careers. Lamm, much younger than her partner, took a huge leap forward under his mentorship. From a delicate, fragile, introverted dancer, she acquired a surprisingly multifaceted stage presence. Both bring a totally original, intelligent and different color to the field.

Photos: Alexander Zacks (click to enlarge)