At the Foot of the Vanishing Table

Review from Jerusalem Post:

“At the Foot of the Vanishing Table” by Tamar Lamm and David Kern is yet another singular creation by this couple. They managed to concoct a mixture of dance drama based on a campy, unfounded tale involving a crazy cat-lover lady who is a witch. They take turns in holding the mike and reciting the unfolding plot as their partner runs and skips in the background. There is also a tent, guitar, a cat song and – spoiler alert – some magic smoke.

Lamm and Kern’s partnership started a couple of years ago after both previously managed independent careers. Lamm, much younger than her partner, took a huge leap forward under his mentorship. From a delicate, fragile, introverted dancer, she acquired a surprisingly multifaceted stage presence. Both bring a totally original, intelligent and different color to the field.